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About Brad

Brad AshWhite county area has been home my whole life.  I attended Piedmont College and graduated with a bachelor degree in business administration.  After college,  I entered into the Feed Business with my father, where I ran the Feedmills and Traded Grain Futures.  My wife, Gretchen and I have been married for 27 years and have two wonderful daughters.  I've been involved with small home construction all the way to the large commerical developments. As a business man that has lived in this community and my knowledge of the different challenges are of being a home owner. I have wanted to enter the mortgage business for a long time and just got my chance recently. Since college I have studied and been apart of the mortgage world and there is no doubt that I can help homebuyers in ways that no other business man can.  I am a member of the White County Planning Board and enjoy helping my community as it grows and prospers so the next generation of homeowners will have the awesome opportunities this county gave me growing up and while raising a family here.   

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